Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome Joseph!

Crazy last couple of days.  No internet for awhile, switched companies!!! And then no power for two nights!  But overall we have been doing well. : )

My days in Haiti are coming to an end and I am getting very sad to leave.  I have been having such a great time with the children and all those who work at GV.

We welcomed a new boy to Grace Village Joseph and are so happy to have him here.  

His grandmother lives in Titayen and the boy has no mother or father.  He has a respiratory infection and has some issues with his legs.  We are hoping that he just needs some braces and they will be fixed.

He is five years old and is just the cutest thing ever!  He has blended in with our children just great.  He has been running all over the playground and eating more food then you can imagine for a 5 year old and was laughing in the shower like crazy.  he is sleeping over on the boy side tonight and has a busy Andy That is looking after him.

He had his first day of school today and loved every minute of it!  He says he loves it here and am so happy to see his sweet smile and hear his cute voice!

Pictures below...hopefully more later!

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